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Our Selection of Ford Trucks

1956 Ford F-100

MidSouthern Restorations: 1956 Ford F-100This 1956 Ford F-100 is from Murfreesboro Tennessee and was purchased in Virginia. It was restored by an amateur at best and needs much correction to be a classic driving stock pickup. Once the frozen carburetor was replaced with a known good one the old Y-Block started up and was tested. It was in... Read more >>

1967 Ford F-100

MidSouthern Restorations: 1967 Ford F-100This 1967 F-100 came from Louisville, Kentucky to be restored to new condition. The current owner remembers what this truck looked like when his dad bought it off the showroom floor. Here at this restoration shop we have a soft spot for old Ford trucks. The body is in near perfect condition except... Read more >>

1967-1972 Ford Pickup

MidSouthern Restorations: 1967-1972 Ford PickupThe owners at MidSouthern like all vintage American made vehicles, cars, and trucks. We have had a few Ford trucks in our day, but lately we are getting calls to restore the 1967-72 Ford Bump trucks. Their time has come I guess and their popularity has skyrocketed. We were ahead of the curve by liking... Read more >>

1968 F-100 Pickup

MidSouthern Restorations: 1968 F-100 PickupI bought this 68 Ford F-100 after two years of bugging the original owner. I had the twin already to it. A potential customer and friend wanted to buy my other truck so I talked him into buying this one. In years past the truck was involved in an accident and the box, even though looked ok was twisted... Read more >>

1969 Ford F-100

MidSouthern Restorations: 1969 Ford F-100This 1969 Ford F-100 LWB came to us from Washington state. It was a North Carolina truck and was shipped there. Once there the owner found out about us through Facebook and had the truck sent back east to be restored correctly. We have restored and maintained quite a few of the 67-72 Ford trucks. We... Read more >>

1972 F-100 Pickup

MidSouthern Restorations: 1972 F-100 PickupHere is a 1972 Ford F-100 that was resto-modified by an owner here at Mid-Southern restoration. The project has a long history that dates back to 1990 when the truck was bought in Wyoming. Shortly thereafter, the truck was dismantled, and the restoration began. Over the years, the truck was rebuilt... Read more >>

1985 F-150 Shorty 4x4

MidSouthern Restorations: 1985 F-150 Shorty 4x4Every vehicle made has a following. Ford Trucks are very popular and this 1985 F-150 Shorty 4x4 will soon get the full restoration service has the current owner wants this truck back to "As New." The truck came stock with a 351 Windsor and automatic. This is the first vehicle we got to test drive before... Read more >>