Midsouthern Restorations

Feedback from Our Customers

Here's a poem written about the 1972 Ford F-100 Pick-Up that is in our shop for repair. It was written by Maxina Marshall, the original owner, 2008.

If that old truck could talk,
Just what would it say,
Itís been around a long, long time,
made memories everyday

Been down a many mile. Cold days,
hot days and days the wind would blow,
smooth roads, rough roads,
even ice and snow.

Took us to the coffee shop,
fishing ponds and grocery store.
These days were good ole days,
but they will be no more.

We are like that old Ford,
our parts are all wore out,
but we are Just chugging along,
thatís what its all about.

When it gets a new face lift,
like a new penny it will shine.
It will run like a tiger,
and its gears will not grind.

Now it has a brand new owner.
We signed the title all away,
thinking of all the places it took us.
But we said good bye to it today.


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for sending Mike to my home to correct the issues I was having. Your commitment to standing behind your work really highlighted the quality of your people and company.

I was confident in my original decision to use MidSouthern Restorations for my 1960 MGA project, but did not realize, until going through the process with you, how lucky I was. You and your team did a great job of addressing and correcting a variety of both structural and cosmetic issues with my car. As the car was disassembled, we discovered significant structural issues with the frame and body. Mike did an exceptional job of cutting out bad areas and repairing the frame. The same care and expertise was given to the body, paint, reassembly and each mechanical issue. Your shop was always open to me whether you knew I was coming by or not. You were always open and honest with me with regards to cost, and freely discussed each option I had. I also never felt you cut any corners. Everything you and the team did, was done with the philosophy of doing it right.

I was also impressed how you researched the areas you were not comfortable with or areas you had problems with. You sought out experts at Moss Motors and others, to make sure the job was done right.

After the delivery of my car, I discovered a few things that were not correct. You immediately offered to send Mike to my home to address and fix each of my issues. Many businesses would have told me that I was on my own, as I accepted delivery or would have drawn out the process. You however, stood by your work and made sure my car was perfect.

Ultimately, you treated me with great respect. You were honest and truly committed to doing the best job possible to restore my car. I will always be grateful for your friendship and commitment to doing the job right.

Thank you,

—Bruce and Janetta Reed

Hi Al,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know the FJ-40 made it in and I have picked it up. I am absolutely amazed at the workman ship that went into the vehicle. Pictures did not do what you did to it justice in any way. It is absolutely amazing. I have had people trying to talk to me at stop lights through the soft top and asking me questions while driving in town. I have told several people that you guys were the ones who restored it and where you are located.

I drove the vehicle today to my brothers house he lives about 60 miles away. Me and him spent the day, driving it around and doing some very light off roading. I never was a hard core 4X4 guy but I could see how one could become a "junkie". The vehicle performed perfectly and my brother ended up driving it as much as I did. He could not believe the amount of detail you guys put into the vehicle and after crawling under it and looking at everything you guys did, neither could I.

Al, Just want to say, you guys have done more than one could imagine. I am extremely happy with the vehicle, a million thanks for all your hard work, advice and recommendations, you guys really know what your doing when it comes to restorations.