Midsouthern Restorations

1956 Ford F-100

This 1956 Ford F-100 is from Murfreesboro Tennessee and was purchased in Virginia. It was restored by an amateur at best and needs much correction to be a classic driving stock pickup. Once the frozen carburetor was replaced with a known good one the old Y-Block started up and was tested. It was in fine shape with good oil pressure. We were to test drive but found the brake lines were cut off and the master cylinder was frozen up also. After checking over the chassis it was determined the body should come off and a mechanical rebuild and clean up off frame was needed has the suspension appears to be worn out. While disassembling the body we found many bad body repairs where rust was hidden or covered up. Once the front hub cap was removed we found three lug nut studs were broke off and painted over.

The complete chassis was disassembled and found to have stress cracks and rust. The complete suspension was worn out. First in line was repairing the frame rails. Then a 1967 Ford nine inch rear was rebuilt and it bolted right in place of original and changed the gear ratio from a 4:11 to a manageable 3:25. All springs and components were replaced with new items. The transmission was found to be broken and out of a 55 Ford. A correct 56 unit was found and rebuilt. The old Y-Block was cleaned up and resealed and sports a new Holley 350 CFM carburetor , a Power Master one wire Power/Gen alternator and a MSD full electronic ignition. A new drive line was built and a set of original truck Ram Horn exhaust manifolds were found and installed. The body was remounted and a set of dual exhaust was installed. Now for some re-wiring and tuning and the 56 will be road ready.