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Our Selection of Packards

1953 Packard Clipper

MidSouthern Restorations: 1953 Packard ClipperHere is a unique resto-modifcation that was done to a 1953 Packard Clipper four-door. We have a customer who wanted a four door vehicle from the fifties that he could use to drive his friends or family across the country in if he wanted to. The goal was to build a brand new "Old Family Car." A Packard... Read more >>

1953 Packard Derham

MidSouthern Restorations: 1953 Packard DerhamThis Packard was a typical "barn find" story. We knew of this car sitting behind a shop in Knoxville, Tennessee in a small enclosure. The first time we saw the car, the body was covered in boxes and garage debris and had been sitting up on blocks for 26 years. We were informed that this was a low-mileage... Read more >>

1954 Packard Carribean Convertible

MidSouthern Restorations: 1954 Packard Carribean ConvertibleThis 1954 Packard Caribbean (1 of 400) remained in the process of restoration for over twenty years! Mid-Southern Restoration received the car and had to completely start over and rebuild the car once again. In one year’s time, the Caribbean went from zero to hero. The rear quarter panels had to be... Read more >>

1955 Packard Caribbean Convertible

MidSouthern Restorations: 1955 Packard Caribbean ConvertibleThe 55 Packard Caribbean convertible pictured here was taken out of storage after the transmission went out 26 years earlier. The customer from Knoxville, Tennessee wanted a total mechanical rebuild. This car has the famous Electric Torsion Bar suspension. The ride level of the car compensates continually,... Read more >>