Midsouthern Restorations

1944 Dodge Truck

This is old Dodge Farm Truck comes from Buffalo, Wyoming and is here in TN getting a mechanical restoration and a clear coated body to protect itís patina from the the Florida atmosphere. The year of this truck is 1944 and only farm vehicles were built during the WWII and not many.

The lady owner of this truck resides in Florida and she inherited from the family estate. She remembers here grandfather hauling cattle with it. The first pictures are of the truck sitting in Wyoming. The restoration proved a little challenging with lack of parts. The military versions were more heavy duty and part are much more plentiful.

The original engine was deemed un-rebuild- able and another one had to be found. Has luck would have it we found complete chassis in North Carolina and purchased. It was the same motor and running gear. The motor was rebuilt and assembled on a rolling table. The chassis was stripped of all parts, sand blasted and repainted chassis black. All suspension parts were rebuilt or re-made. The pins and bushing was a challenge for the leaf springs. Again, no parts available. The pins were welded and turned down on our lath. The bronze stock was turned down to correct size and pressed in leaf springs. Some NOS tie rods were found and all NOS bearings and races were found. with the brake shoes re-lined the chassis went back together well. The transmission and rear differential was rebuilt has well has the clutch, starter. A new Power Alt /Gen one wire alternator that kicks out a full 12 volts was installed.

The power plant and transmission was bolted back in and most parts hooked back up. Once all parts are on the motor, it will be started in chassis. The body and parts will be clear coated and re-assembled. Old farm trucks need love too.

The Dodge truck is now ready to go home back west to Wyoming and Colorado. The flat bed will be rebuilt by the owners. The goal of this truck was to complete a 100% mechanical restoration and leave the patina of the weathered age in tack and protected by clear coat. The lady that inherit the Farm truck came to Cookeville, TN and drove the truck and she is looking forward to show her grandmother and give her a ride in it.