Midsouthern Restorations

1969 Mustang Mach 1

A true Barn Find here. Well the owner knew where it was in the town of Sneedville , TN. It had sat in Barn for many years waiting its turn and was the wife that put pressure on husband to do it or sell.

The 69 Mach 1 Fastback , once back at the shop, it has been disassembled. The 351 Cleveland was taken apart and sent to machine shop for a mild rebuild. The transmission was sent to Jim Paquet of Ford transmission fame to be rebuilt. After the shell was sandblasted, it was determined the best way to repair the body was new major body panels. Rood , trunk and Quarter panels along with new doors were purchased. Correct Mach 1 seat were located. The car was heavily modified with bondo and even a sunroof. Once the body came back from the sandblaster it was very evident that a new Mustang II front suspension and rack and pinion steering was needed.

The body was cut apart and received a new roof to lose the sunroof , new trunk and quarter panels. New doors, and the floors had large patch panels installed. The body was very rough but is now smoothed out and in paint. The Mustang II front suspension was added as the original front suspension was wiped out. The 351 Cleveland Ford motor was rebuilt and dressed out and test run and the rest of drive train was rebuilt. Car is being assembled now.

The Mustang is very near completion and the heavy metal flake Cadillac color sets it off.