Midsouthern Restorations

1966 Chevrolet C-10

Old pickups are cool. Here is one that a customer called us on from Pembroke Kentucky. This is a 1966 C-10 long bed. This was typical work horse of farms back in the day. Our customer has memories of his dad owning one of these when he was a young boy and vowed when older he would own one. Being in the military and raising a family did not leave much time. After retirement he is still employed and has real estate business to tend to and found he wanted truck done once and for all after owning it numerous years and watching it sit. Current plans call for a fairly stock rebuild of the chassis with upgrade brakes. The “Three on the tree” is a go but power plant is not yet decided. The critical first steps are disassembly and sandblast to find all hidden rusted area and get those repaired correctly.

The sandblasting revealed old repairs made from a previous wreck in the trucks past. The cab was deemed no good and an original cab was located for replacement. The new cab has minor repairs that had to be made. The box had new bed sides installed. With new parts the body was taking shape. The customer supplied a new rebuilt motor and automatic transmission. He also decided to go to creature comforts. A/C was installed and a new dash cluster. A sweet stereo was installed and the interior is updated to new standards. The Crager SS style wheels fit the new blue metallic paint. This truck glistens in the sun and everyone who has seen it loves the color. The old farm truck has morphed into show truck status.

Tried to get the perfect before and after picture. Pick up and delivery.