Midsouthern Restorations

1937 Hudson Truck #1

Even though we mostly do Classic Car Restoration this antique 1937 Hudson truck will come back to life has a daily driver with a more modern drive train. We had a 78 Mercury Monarch out back with a 250 cubic inch 6 cylinder and automatic transmission. It was pulled in the shop and hot tested. The low mileage motor ran great and was pulled and then fitted in its new home. The new home is the frame rails of the 37 Hudson truck named #1. This truck will not be painted but clear coated to protect original faded paint. The firewall had to be modified to fit the larger than stock motor. This is one of two trucks that made its way from Seattle Washington to here via a customer from the Mt Juliet Tennessee. The truck will be rewired for the newer motor and brakes and such will be rebuilt for safety purposes.

The 37 Hudson is on the road and even made it to a few car shows. It placed first at the Wilson County Fair in Lebanon TN in August. The 250 Ford motor runs out good and the brakes have been rebuilt and still stop decent. A header and dual exhaust along with exhaust flaps on the tail pipes were added. A vacuum fan from the day was found in the truck and it was repaired and reinstalled on the steering column and blows it little heart out. Look at the third brake light in the bed. An old connecting rod found in the scrap bin become a piece of art for the bracket. 100 year old barn was found and put on for stake sides. An old beer cooler was put in the bed to hold the battery and an old crank was fabricated for a shut off switch. Even an Old Hudson Manufacturing thermometer was found and placed on cooler to keep tabs on Beer temps. Our customer also found and bought this real cool old Hudson sign converted to neon so we could hang in our shop. We love it.. The little truck is home now.