Midsouthern Restorations

1965 Mustang Fastback 2+2

This 65 Mustang 289 2+2 body came to our shop from Tracy City Tennessee to be restored and painted. The customer saw the expert workmanship on the 1970 Torino Cobra completed here and wanted the same treatment. There are some rust issues with this shell but they will be repaired the correct way.

Once the remaining interior parts were removed, the problem areas were sought out. The lower rear window rail was cut out, a template was formed and new metal was hand made, fitted to window trim and welded in place. Next, the front floor pans were cut out and replacements welded in. Rust bubbles could be seen around the rear wheel openings on both sides of car. The lower quarter panels were also showing deterioration. Once the lower quarters were cut off and over the wheel wells removed it was found that the outer wheel wells were rusted. Replacement pieces were ordered and the ones removed. With new units welded in place they were coated with rust inhibitor. The after market quarter panels are then used to replace only the metal needed to repair the sides. It is very important to leave as much of the original car metal as possible for integrity of auto and fit up of exterior body components. We have seen many “Hack” jobs where the complete side is removed only to be replaced by a cheap Asian replacement. After quarter panels are welded on the body will be abrasive blasted to find less obvious week spots in the metal. Check back on this car body and it could be the smoothest straightest 65 Ford Mustang Out there.

The 65 is going home.