Midsouthern Restorations

1966 Fairlane

The pictures of this car are spread to four different decades. The reason we are showing this is because it shows the test of time on body, paint, and mechanical if they are done right the first time. The colors were changed for racing and paint schemes. The story goes that the car was driven in high school in Montana in the '70s, then drag raced in Wyoming in the '80s, and then upgraded and repainted in 1990 and raced about 450 rounds of quarter mile action. In 1996, the car was sold to an 18-year-old in Indiana, not to be seen again until 2006, when it popped up on E-bay. The owners went to check on it in a warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio. It had been used for some hotrodding but was still all intact the way it was sold 10 years earlier. A deal was struck, and the old Fairlane came back into our possession. The car was tuned up and the carburetor rebuilt. The paint was polished, and the car looked almost new for 15-years-old. The mechanics of the car need to be freshened up, but it will still smoke the tires very hard and long.