Midsouthern Restorations

1953 Packard Clipper

Here is a unique resto-modifcation that was done to a 1953 Packard Clipper four-door. We have a customer who wanted a four door vehicle from the fifties that he could use to drive his friends or family across the country in if he wanted to. The goal was to build a brand new "Old Family Car." A Packard was found close to our shop and was picked as the candidate. The first order of business was for all new front suspension, and that came in the form of a Mustang II unit. A new 400 Hp LS2 and four-speed auto for a 2005 SSR Chevrolet Pickup was located in Atlanta and was chosen to power the Clipper that we named "Grease Lightning." The customer ordered front and rear A/C and electric windows. The transmission is shifted from a stock location on the column, and the gauges were rebuilt to coincide with all modern controls from an engine computer. A custom-built stereo made for the Packard went in the stock location and a 10-CD changer in trunk. Many parts off the senior series Packard--along with many NOS parts--made for much chrome to be installed. This can be seen from all the holes in the body waiting to be filled with trim clips. The seats with built-in arm rests are also from senior series cars and once reworked they are as comfortable as any home sofa. The car is whisper quiet and can pass most anything on the road, even fuel stations as this car is green with average 23 MPG. In it's first contest, it won Best of Show in Nashville, Tennessee and has been in magazines. From the Ugly Duckling it was transformed into a beautiful Swan. This car has something that all car guys like wrapped into one. The car is driven often and resides in a private collection in Gallatin, Tennessee.