Midsouthern Restorations

1967 Chevy Camaro

This viper red Camaro (1967) brought us three restoration jobs. The car received a partial mechanical and total body restoration and paint. The motor is a stout 350 with a rare automatic on the column. The suspension was rebuilt, including all new items, and power disc brakes were installed on all four corners. The customer from Cookeville, Tennessee stopped by often to check on progress. This was before we went digital, so there are not many pictures. In the first car show out, this car placed First in Class. The owner wanted this car restored correctly because it was to be given to his son when he turns 16. By the time this car was finished, the little boy turned four. He can be seen riding in the red coupe around town. This car caused near accidents parked in front of the shop. In one photo the 67 Chevy Camaro is shown dueling the 67 Ford Mustang. Both were completed at the same time.