Midsouthern Restorations

1965 Buick Riviera

Who doesn’t like a 1965 Buick Riviera? These cars are classic with the Clam Shell headlights. This certain car is one of 452 made because the it has the big Buick GS motor, a 425 CI 425 HP with the dual 4 barrels and a Super Turbine 400 GM trans, but it was not labeled has a GS. This car is owned by our Customer from Singapore.

The car was located for sale in Washington state and was purchased. Buying site unseen is tough sometimes. The “Rivi” was in worse condition than described. This could qualify for “Buyer Beware”. The selling car dealer misrepresented the car and actually wanted to keep it so they could give it a DuPont over haul and run it through the car auctions has a rare car. Check out the sweet suspension mod’s to lift car up from sagging springs. They said they worked on the motor and it was good to go. Check out the “air line being used for fuel line.” Many small problems were not disclosed but in the end the car turned out fantastic. There was rust to repair, a motor to freshen up. One hub cap was missing and has luck would have it a NOS set was located and quickly purchased. The upholstery just needed one seat re-done but for perfect match both bucket seats were re-worked. The bumpers were re-chromed a fresh body re-work, to make perfect and fresh coat of “Turquoise Mist” the factory color and clear coat was applied. New Stainless Steel dual exhaust was installed. The big Rivi is now a show winner and is plenty powerful and a joy to drive.