Midsouthern Restorations

1950 1 Ton Pickup

Here is a very cool Chevrolet 1-ton that came to us from Crossville, TN that a new owner from The Memphis, TN area inherited. The gentleman that owns it now was the son and nephew of the original owners. His Grandmother bought the truck new for his dad and his younger brother when the eldest was in the Korean War, upon returning from his Country’s call of duty. The truck was used on the farm and because of the no doubt he was instrumental in the one ton very long wheel base option over a ˝ ton short bed non farm truck.

The brothers shared the truck for many years. The eldest was employed at Oakridge TN when the government had the secretive nuclear facility there. The brothers saw a need for the people living there for fresh produce. They hauled veggies and melons from surrounding states and Knoxville. Through the years the truck was worked like it was meant to be and maintained obviously well. The older brother died at a young age of 57 in the late 80’s and the younger owner used the truck around the farm until his passing in 2016.

The truck was passed down to the next generation. Our newest customer wants this truck restored 100 % to new status in memory of his “Two Fathers.’ His dad and uncle, that were hard workers and he loved dearly.

When I first seen the truck I was amazed at how good of shape it was in. Other than a few farm modifications it was very original and solid. I loaded up and delivered to the shop. The motor appeared in good shape and we attempted to start and it did. Out of the muffler blew many sunflower seeds stashed by barn critters. The truck was disassembled and the motor sent off as well has the transmission for restoring and rebuilding to new status. The cab and long box was removed. The body restoration and chassis refurbish is under way.