Midsouthern Restorations

1970 C-10 Chevrolet

We did a quick turn around on a truck for a helicopter pilot in the army that was being re-stationed around the country. The truck came from Fairbanks, Alaska to Fort Campbell in Clarksville, Tennessee by a transport truck and when it arrived it was banged up in transit.

Fort Campbell is a United States Army installation located astride the Kentucky – Tennessee border between Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and Clarksville, Tennessee. Fort Campbell is home to the 101st Airborne Division and the 106th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.
As of late we have been doing more and more vehicles for the servicemen there and helicopter pilots.

This 1970 C-10 Chevrolet was re-painted in Alabama by a so called expert near Fort Rucker Army Base. The banged up areas where noticeable but when truck was taken apart the low quality of workmanship was quickly seen. The box was not removed and the back of the cab just had paint blown towards it. The original gold paint could be seen and there was body damage on the left hand side low. What was surprising to all was the poor body work and non rust repair. The rust was just covered in body filler. The box has a rare optional tool box and the bottom hinge side was rusted out when un-covered. The rocker panels on the driver’s side were rusted out and covered. These were cut out and new steel welded in. The rest of the body work was smoothed out and repaired has needed to produce and clean body job. The paint was matched has near as possible and truck was reassembled and mechanical work per customer was completed. Truck turned out straight and respectable. A new friend and happy customer was accomplished. It is now being taken to New York state where the pilot is now stationed where the truck will receive new LS motor.