Midsouthern Restorations

1967 Pontiac GTO

We met a customer at a cruise in near Nashville, TN that owned a 1967 GTO that he expressed wanted some custom work done to it. He took a job in Chattanooga, TN and once settled in, delivered his car. After a thorough check over it was found the GTO needed much more help than he knew of. The 400 Pontiac mill was worn out and the Muncie 4 speed case was broke and had a shoddy weld repair done. The front of the transmission case was warped from welding and then bolted to the aluminum bell housing to it, in turn warping that. This is a tri-powered car and the carburetors were supposed to be professionally rebuilt but has it turned out they were repainted. The dash wiring was butchered and no gauges worked. The car looked good but was a turd mechanically. Once the owner gave us the green light to rebuild and repair as necessary, the motor was rebuilt for performance has well as the carburetors. Upon cleaning the intake cracks were found and a new aluminum one was ordered. The owner did his diligence by researching and finding parts that would fit such has the headers and ignition system. The engine brackets were a misaligned mess and after some rework were inline. A correct four speed was found and rebuilt and the bell housing was milled for trueness. Once re assembled a new exhaust system was installed and Big Red roared back to life. It is now a handsome, very powerful, reliable Muscle Car.