Midsouthern Restorations

1952 Chevrolet 3100 Series

This 1952 Chevrolet 3100 Series has been in a restoration process for to many years. The story of it is very similar to many vehicles we get here. The current owner from Fairview, Tennessee had taken his truck to a speed shop in Memphis, Tennessee. There they crudely installed a 350 Chevy crate motor and automatic transmission. The truck was wired but the whole project was very unprofessional and dangerous. The truck was then taken to a neighborhood body and paint man to be worked over and restored there. After a few years and more wasted money, we were contacted to see if we could salvage the project. Anything is possible if someone is willing to back track and rework all the mistakes left by others. The owner was still game.

The firewall had a panel removed to show how ugly it looked. The Chevrolet V-8 did not fit well at all and was actually resting on a shimmed out steering box. The steering column hole was butchered. A crucial cross member was cut out for the transmission to fit. The cab had never been off the chassis and the chassis was never checked for integrity. At MidSouthern Restoration we offer guidance and will only repair or restore in the proper sequence.

To date the cab was removed and much more rust was found and removed and repaired. The paint falling off the back of the cab was removed and repainted. The chassis was modified correctly to accept a V-8 .All the leaf spring bushings were replaced has they were rusted tight and there were broken leaf springs that had to be changed. The chassis was sand blasted cleaned and re painted. The motor was cleaned and painted. With the cab repaired it was repainted and installed and the new box was smoothed Fit and painted. The old wood was sanded down and stained. The little truck is now close to being rewired and ran again.

This 52 Chevy Truck has gone home. Life changes for the owners set back the truck for awhile. Once back on track the truck was completed. The 3100 series runs out great and looks new. This truck was “Done Right Once” once we had it in our shop. Do your due diligence while shopping for a restoration company.