Midsouthern Restorations

1966 Ford LTD

There are not many sweet old 1966 Ford LTDs out cruising around, but in a few months this one will be. This car comes from Nashville, Tennessee and is still owned by the original purchaser. The LTD took him and his new bride on their honeymoon. It has traveled extensively and has even been up Pikes Peak in Colorado. The original 352 FE Ford motor was updated at some point to a 390 FE. The car will be totally restored with the body off the frame. The restoration includes a mechanical rebuild of all components. The car was parked in the early 80s when the owner on his way to work and some hoodlums threw a large rock over a bridge and landed on the hood and bounced into the windshield. After that it sat in a barn. The trunk lid was poked more than once by a hay fork on a tractor and red paint spatter all over the front, tells us the barn was probably painted once. The close cousin to this car is a 1966 Ford Galaxie and we will look at these cars for some replacement parts.

The 390 was rebuilt to stock specs has well has the transmission. The chassis was sand blasted and then torn done and rebuilt and repainted. The big block Ford was set back in place and the now cleaned underside of body was set back on frame. The body work is under way.

The 1966 Ford Ltd has come along way. Parts for these cars are hard to come by but we were able to still find many NOS parts and trim. The vinyl roof is ready to put on and the front seat will have to be recovered. The dash board was sent out to be rebuilt.

The Classic big Ford drove home with its original owner behind the wheel. Before arriving home a stop was made at relatives homes and grand kids all had their picture taken with and in the car. These were to be made into Christmas cards. That is what old car memories are all about.