Midsouthern Restorations

1966 Pontiac GTO

This GTO Convertible from Chattanooga, Tennessee has come out of a long term storage. The Fountain Blue Pontiac was given has a gift to the current owner for a graduation gift. College sports and then business life made for not enough time for the enjoyment of the car. It was last driven in 1984. The car is in decent shape and has clocked less than 75,000 miles since new.

A total restoration was ordered up with a few upgrades. The plans call for the car to be kept as original as possible with up most quality. A wise choice of up grades includes the addition of a brand new Tri-Power multiple carburetors set up along with a 4 speed manual transmission. This is what made the GTO famous and this Blue Convertible will be a knock out.

Once the disassembly started it was quickly revealed the frame had serious rust issues and needed to be replaced. It took one phone call and one was on the way. The 335 horse power 389 motor and 2 speed transmission were pulled and proven to be numbers matching and all replaced parts will be kept incase car is to be brought back to 100% original. The original mill will be rebuilt and warmed up and with the addition of 3 Deuces on top. The paint was stripped to bare metal revealing a repaint once in its past. There was some body damage and much filler. The body will be ironed out and all bad spots cut out and re-welded. Over all, the car is a survivor and will live on many years. There are 2 GTO’ here for total restoration and both will be updated here to show progress. The Pontiac Tri-Power 389 is built and show worthy.

This GTO went home exactly one day before it's one year anniversary here. Total restorations take anywhere from a 8 months to 14 months. This car drove has a new 66 Pontiac GTO would. Thanks Mark for letting us restore your Classic Muscle Car.