Midsouthern Restorations

1983 XJ-6

The power plant for this Jaguar will be heading to the scrap yard along with rest of drive train. A popular conversion in the automotive world is being completed at our shop.
V-8 Jaguar conversions have been around for a few years thanks in part to under powered over priced mechanics of a stock Jag. This 1983 Jaguar XJ-6 is receiving a brand new LS-1 Corvette motor rated at 350HP. This will be mated to a new 4L60E GM electronic overdrive transmission.

The owner of this car loves the body style and handling but has always hated the lack of passing power and drivability from a stock Jaguar. Instead of buying a new sports car, she decided to call us to upgrade her favorite car. There will be no lack of passing power now. Here at Mid-Southern restorations we are geared up for the V-8 / Jaguar conversion with the LS engine series. We have suppliers for the new LS motors and new GM transmissions. We can handle most any conversion you can think of. You can check out the LS-2 400 HP conversion in the 1953 Packard Clipper in the Packard section.

With the six cylinder Jag motor out of the way, a preliminary cleaning was done to the engine bay. It looks better but now but will be repainted as new to compliment the new Vette power plant. A Camaro oil pan is used with this swap and has been modified for clearance issues.

The original Independent Rear Suspension unit was removed and totally rebuilt. When reinstalled all new bushings were added. The front suspension has been checked and upgraded and received all new brakes, rotors and bearings.

Here is what it looks like from a wiring stand point when mating different components together. The Jag A/C unit was deemed junked and replaced with a Vintage Air unit. This move also freed up some room for the Chevrolet Computer and customers custom Radio/ Stereo/ computer screen / back up alarm screen / GPS unit / I-Pod unit. There might even be a spot for Night Vision goggles. New 8 way power seats are from 2003 Jaguar.

The Jag is complete and finished. All objectives were met. The lady that owns the car fired it up and roared down the street. It is believed that quality and performance are her passion with this car. After 12 months of hard work and integration of Jag and GM the car is awesome. Check out wiring night mare VS completed interior. Thanks Bonita for a great project.