Midsouthern Restorations

1962 Cadillac

The same Cadillac owner from Cookeville, Tennessee that owns the green 62 caddy also rescued this one. Through different stages, this car has been mechanically restored with a rebuilt motor and transmission, and now the body and paint have been restored. The car was what one might call a "25 footer." The closer you looked at the car, the better you could see bubbles in the paint that resembled rust bubbles, and lines were not crisp on the body. The goal was to strip it down, and hopefully there was minimal rust. To our surprise, the sheet metal was relatively clean. There was about to of an inch of body filler and primer over the entire body causing chemical leaching to surface. This was the cause of the bubbles in the paint. There was some minimal body damage and some rust issues that were not repaired correctly the "first time." The pictures show the problem areas, before and after. The big Caddy shows brilliant now, and the body lines are defined. There is a picture of Cain painting the body. There were enough square inches of body, he said, that his arm was getting tired of holding the gun. This car and its sister, the green four-door hardtop, will be at their first car show this spring.