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1932 Auburn

MidSouthern Restorations: 1932 Auburn...

1938 Austin American Bantam Coupe

MidSouthern Restorations: 1938 Austin American Bantam CoupeVery rare and unique is a way to describe this little vehicle. This auto was first restored by an incompetent restoration shop and then brought to Mid-Southern Restoration. The mechanical parts were re-gone through, and the 20-horsepower four cylinder motor was brought back to life. The body was stripped... Read more >>

1944 Dodge Truck

MidSouthern Restorations: 1944 Dodge TruckThis is old Dodge Farm Truck comes from Buffalo, Wyoming and is here in TN getting a mechanical restoration and a clear coated body to protect itís patina from the the Florida atmosphere. The year of this truck is 1944 and only farm vehicles were built during the WWII and not many. The lady owner... Read more >>

1947 Lincoln Continental V-12 Two Door Sedan

MidSouthern Restorations: 1947 Lincoln Continental V-12 Two Door SedanThe Lincoln V-12 comes from a large private collection in Gallatin, Tennessee. This car needed a mechanical restoration. The front suspension was gone through and everything was checked. The king pins, brakes, and tie rod ends were change. The transmission needed to be rebuilt, and the head gaskets... Read more >>

1956 Chrysler Crown Imperial Limousine

MidSouthern Restorations: 1956 Chrysler Crown Imperial LimousineThis rare auto was sitting in a gentlemanís driveway near Silver Point Tennessee and he was annoyed by the space it was taking up. It was promptly purchased by an owner here at MidSouthern Restoration and brought to Cookeville, Tennessee where it was used as a prop in front of the shop. This is... Read more >>

1960 MGA

MidSouthern Restorations: 1960 MGAThe owner of this 1960 MGA lives near Chattanooga, Tennessee. He bought the car in the late 70ís and he and his new wife occasionally drove it for a couple years. It was parked in early 80ís when it needed some work. Time flies by and he always wanted to have the car professionally restore back to the... Read more >>

1962 Dodge Truck

MidSouthern Restorations: 1962 Dodge TruckOld Trucks are again popular and it seems the more unusual the better. Finally old Dodge trucks are being sought after and the early 60ís seem to fit the bill. We have seen one at a car show that has original red paint and runs a new Hemi with an old Cherry Bomb decal on the door. Here is a truck our... Read more >>

1965 Cobra

MidSouthern Restorations: 1965 CobraSometimes, walk-in customers or other rod shops need just a little help. Here is a 65 Cobra low end kit car from Crossville, Tennessee with a high end body and paint job from Mid-Southern Restoration. The body was delivered back to owner to be assembled.... Read more >>

1967 Sunbeam Tiger

MidSouthern Restorations: 1967 Sunbeam TigerThis is a rare car to say the least. This 1967 Sunbeam Tiger is owned by a Vietnam Veteran from Unicoi, Tennessee and this is East TN area. The car was purchased after his tour of duty and he has owned this car since 1970. This Classic British car is in for a total restoration. The car was designed... Read more >>

1967 Austin Healey

MidSouthern Restorations: 1967 Austin HealeyWe can restore a variety of autos here at Mid-Southern Restoration. Here is a total restoration on a 1967 Austin Healey from near Lebanon, Tennessee. The car was rough to say the least. After we rebuilt the motor, a Toyota five-speed conversion was installed to upgrade the drive train. The car body... Read more >>

1972 Toyota FJ-40

MidSouthern Restorations: 1972 Toyota FJ-40Sometimes old Toyotaís need to be restored and this one sure did. This 1972 FJ-40ís owner is in Afghanistan and we have never met him in person. All correspondence has been through emails and pictures. The vehicle was located in Tennessee and we provide a hauling service to pick up vehicles. Once we... Read more >>

1972 Opel

MidSouthern Restorations: 1972 OpelThis 1972 Opel GT belongs to one of our customers in Atlanta, GA. Owning the car for 20 years, the customer was searching for a reputable restoration shop to refinish the car. Specializing in Opels, we contacted the owner about restoring this model in our shop. The vehicle was picked up shortly thereafter... Read more >>

1975 Toyota Land Cruiser

MidSouthern Restorations: 1975 Toyota Land CruiserThis 1975 Toyota Land Cruiser came from the Knoxville Tennessee area and was delivered by the third owner. After owning the relic for a couple years and buying and swapping Toyota parts, the new owner called Mid-Southern Restoration after researching the Toyota LC we had previously done for a gentleman... Read more >>

1975 Toyota Land Cruiser

MidSouthern Restorations: 1975 Toyota Land CruiserThis 1975 Toyota Land Cruiser came to us from Knoxville, TN. The owner purchased this unit has it was, needing restored and bought a few known parts for the next few years. This type of project is of sorts a basket case except all the hard parts were intact. The motor once hot wired and electric fuel... Read more >>